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Our Story

We opened Amelia’s Wood Fired Cuisine in April 2017 bringing our vision of Oklahoma Cuisine to Downtown Tulsa and now three years later we are opening our second location, Amelia’s Market and Brasserie. As Tulsa contnues to grow and develope and as more people take up residence in Downtown and The Arts District in particular the need for retail food and fresh shopping options in the area has become obvious. No longer is there a need to get on the highway any time a gallon of milk or head of celery is required and as alumni of the Tulsa dining scene we have also learned the value that a commissary retail kitchen can bring to a restaurant. 

Throughout the existence of Amelia’s Wood Fired Cuisine Chef Kevin Snell has spearheaded partnerships with many local farmers and as a result our market offers local meats, dairy, and produce as well as house made breads, jams, sauces, and ready-made entree options to make weeknight dinners a little more manageable. You will also find fresh seafood, thoughtfully sourced deli options, and our own curated list of wine by the bottle. We strongly believe that quality ingredients are necessary for a good meal and want to share our high standards for food and hospitality with the residents of Downtown and our guests at Amelia’s Wood Fired Cuisine, the Brasserie, and the Market.

The Brasserie is a sister restaurant to Amelia’s and was created because of our love of French Cuisine, the format of an all day menu that is quintessential to a French Brasserie, and because of the lack of high quality French dining options in Downtown Tulsa. The Brasserie offers a more casual environment and encourages guests to sit and study or share a carafe of French wine and mussels with a friend, and features rotating daily specials. The beautiful dining room is also a great option for special celebrations or business meetings. 

We are extremely excited to bring this concept to Tulsa’s Arts District and the greater Downtown area. Excellent ingredients lead to excellent food, hospitality and attention to detail lead to a beautiful experience; we hope to provide you with both and we hope to see you soon!

Chef Kevin

Kevin Snell has been working in the restaurant industry for more than 15 years, from humble beginnings doing dishes at a fast paced Tex-Mex restaurant to managing the Stonehorse Café kitchen with Tulsa legend Tim Inman. From 2008 to 2010, he was sous chef at The Brasserie.

He is heavily influenced by Master Chef Francis Mallmann, who cooks only over the open flame. He owes his affinity for fresh ingredients to his father, who made it a priority to expose him to the outdoors as much as possible, taking him on annual camping trips to different parts of the Rocky Mountains. Along the way they fished and ate their catch daily. 

He is currently the Executive Chef at Amelia’s Wood Fired Cuisine and Amelia’s Brasserie.

Chef Kevin